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Re: Port 8080

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On Sunday 16 February 2003 10:40 am, Mike Chambers wrote:

> After some troubleshooting, I found the problem.  I have a Linksys
> router behind my cable modem, and the rest of the computers networked
> through the router.

I can't test this, as I don't have a linksys router here.

> I found out that the 8080 is on the router itself and no way of
> shutting it off.  I guess it's there/open for Remote Management of the
> router if so desired.  I have it disabled, and even set it to another
> port just to see if it turns off, which it doesn't.

Perhaps powercycle the router? It may need a reset to change the 
configuration. Just a guess.

Even so, I wouldn't expect it to be listening on an external interface. Do 
the router's docs have any info about a management interface?

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