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Re: Port 8080

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From: "AudioSlave - 7M3 -Live" <creed7m3live columbus rr com>
To: <phoebe-list redhat com>
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 11:56 AM
Subject: Re: Port 8080

> I have a Lynxsys router also. Since you seem to have mail from Microsoft
> machines. It might be best to configure it through One of them there
> machines.
> For my particula model, I configured it originally through Linux. By
> default, it is viewable from any browser, listening to your port
> address. After you change the default password, to your selection. My
> router was not congigurable through any browser, except IE whatever
> When the generated webpage comes up and you put your password into the
> dialogue box. You can view the devices selections.
> There are ways to set up which sites are banned from certain selected ip
> addresses DMZ and such.

Yes, I understand all of this.  But 8080 is NOT set to be forwarded anywhere
on the network. Therefore, if Remote Manager (which defaults to port 8080
unless you change it) is off, 8080 should not be detectable, even to the
router, as in it should be blocked.

But I tested with my linux box OFF, as in no power, and 8080 is still
connectable.  Try it, from your linux box do "telnet homer.netlyncs.com
8080" and you'll see you get connected, even with 8080 going nowhere.  Then
try it to your own, and I bet it does it there as well, unless you have it
forwarded to a firewall and 8080 is dropped or rejected.  Which if that is
the case, I need to set that up so that it forwards on and then hits
firewall and crashes.

LOL ya get all that?


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