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Re: Port 8080

Michael Fratoni wrote:
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On Sunday 16 February 2003 10:40 am, Mike Chambers wrote:

After some troubleshooting, I found the problem.  I have a Linksys
router behind my cable modem, and the rest of the computers networked
through the router.

I can't test this, as I don't have a linksys router here.

I found out that the 8080 is on the router itself and no way of
shutting it off.  I guess it's there/open for Remote Management of the
router if so desired.  I have it disabled, and even set it to another
port just to see if it turns off, which it doesn't.

Perhaps powercycle the router? It may need a reset to change the configuration. Just a guess.

Even so, I wouldn't expect it to be listening on an external interface. Do the router's docs have any info about a management interface?

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I have a Lynsys model BEFSR41 - The major things about setting it up is that the first port of the router is the controlling port.
With Windows ME. It is detected automatically and is accessible through the network neighborhood.

The default password and controlling username are both admin. A bit easy for initial setup. .but, it was one of the first things that I changed.

If you don't have documentation for the model. I might be able to scan it. Now, that my scanner is working through Red Hat.

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