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Re: nfs performance

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 13:18, Tom Coady wrote:
> seth vidal wrote
> > umm, yes?
> >
> > Can I help you?
> Sorry I was not trying to target you individually Seth - just pointing out
> that your signature could not be verified by evolution - but others may be
> the same. Could this be my fault I wonder?
> In any case may I take this opportunity to suggest that this enclosure is
> not very useful for a mailing list since many clients don't know what to do
> with this information and present both the message and the signature as
> separate files.

It's a gpg signature. It verifies to people who have my public key that
I wrote that message. It is useful to those people who use, evolution,
mutt, some emacs, mozilla (w/enigmail), outlook, kmail, and even some
pine users

That covers a lot of folks. I have it on by default b/c I'd to encourage
the use of digital signatures on messages.


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