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Re: Yet another Phoebe

Pardon the follow up to my own post:

Gerry Tool wrote:
dsavage peaknet net wrote:

Anybody want to venture a guess when this third beta will be released to
the breathless horde?
--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

My guess (hope) is Wednesday am about 10:30. I base that on the absence of a weekend between the mirror directory freeze and the release.

I should have specified Central Standard Time. For what it's worth, there was an MD5SUMS file visible earlier today at ftp.eu.uu.net (now blocked.)

It's contents were:

abb3dd2cd1cd1b92b5e85b0d556b8e12  phoebe-i386-disc1.iso
4f2cfa59dc750049d49ad19268aad5b4  phoebe-i386-disc2.iso
f60337f1cf809e5b8f60e1efc6ed6183  phoebe-i386-disc3.iso
67a91c3cdc4664796b061d4743854cc3  phoebe-SRPMS-disc1.iso
cd0086250ffbd632e755f33ef3ad8a18  phoebe-SRPMS-disc2.iso
51c534eec6ef5dda796dc1fa9e7d4375  phoebe-SRPMS-disc3.iso


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