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Re: grub: phoebe2 + winXP

Use the Win XP CD recovery console to restore the mbr so you can boot Win
XP.  You should see the option to restore the MBR.  If you need help ask me'
be more than happy to tell you which options you should try.

Then you have a choice.  Use the Phoebe CD to change grub.conf so that it
loads onto the beginning of the partition that the root directory exists on.
Or (Probably just as easy at this point) reload Phoebe and choose the option
to set advanced boot loader options and be sure that it loads the boot
loader on the same partition as the linux root.

So as an example you will have:

MBR    Windows XP Boot Loader
hda1     Windows XP
hda2    Phoebe Root with Grub loaded to the beginning of this partition.
You set this by choosing the advanced boot
            loader options when the option shows up
hda3    Linux Swap File

Then go to: http://www.winimage.com/bootpart.htm and download bootpart.
Read the documentation and use it to set up a boot option in the NT boot
loader for Phoebe.

This will cause the boot process to start the XP boot loader and either
start Windows XP -OR- chain load grub which will then boot linux.  It is
probably easiest to do it this way only because grub allows you to install
it somewhere else besides the MBR; the NT Bootloader as far as I'm aware
does not unless you do significant monkeying.  The NT boot loader is
beligerant and so it is just better to leave it where it wants to be.

Hope this helps, and if you need more help getting through it you can
contact me at jason at montleon dot com for help.


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