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Re: Automount CD-ROM/DVD-ROM problems

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 20:46, Michael Wardle wrote:
> Isn't Red Hat supposed to have CDs automount by default (at least on a 
> desktop/workstation installation class)?  If so, which mechanism does 
> it use to achieve this?

errr...maybe you didn't actually read any of what i wrote.  
GNOME --> uses magicdev
KDE --> uses autorun

so the specifics as to what is exactly used by "default" depends on the
environment you are logged into.  If you don't log into a gnome or kde
environment, automounting doesn't happen by "default."  And even when
you do..if the /etc/fstab entry for the cdrom, normally created by kudzu
is malformed its not going to work correctly. 

And on my system the "default" gnome desktop automounted the cdroms just
fine...till i turned the hateful evil feature off, via the despicably
simple to use gnome cd properties preference dialog.   

-jef"really needs to try the nautilus cdburner view"spaleta

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