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Re: Port 8080 - Closing on lynxsys - test

Mike Chambers wrote:
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Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 7:54 PM
Subject: Re: Port 8080 - Closing on lynxsys - test

I updated to the same revision of firmware that you have.


Open your router's homepage. Then click on the advanced tab. Next, go=
click on the DMZ host tab. Then, change the address to some address that
is otside your active computers. (an address that will never be used.)
Say, 666, for example.

Had to set it from 1-254, so I chose 254.

Then, apply your changes.

Yep, did that.

This isn't gaurunteed to work. It seems to work for me presently.

Doesn't work for me, still get same telnet results.

Do you have port 80 open and forwarding anywhere?  I do and wondering if
that has any affect at all.  Might have to test that just to see.

No, port 80 isn't open on anything for my computer.

What does setting the value to zero do?

I had mine at 0 from the time I discovered this bug.

Would it allow all addresses in
the single digits work? I'm thinking addresses 1 to 9 would be
vulnerable, if the address was zero.

My network is 192.168.1.x where x=1-4. And like above, dmz = 0.

So not sure what to do at this point to get it like yours.

I'm using the router as a gateway. There is a selection to choose the router setup, but I passed on the option.

Also, I turned off the UPnP feature. With the short excerpt from the ver.txt that was included with the flash upgrade. I'm guessing again that this particular function has to have a port open to be recognized through UPnP.

The Nov 22 problem sounds like a good reason to get the upgrade. The text goes throogh the changes from one version to the next. Included are only the last three changes.

I'm still a bit concerned with the description for some of the needed fixes.


1.44.2z Dec 13, 02 1. Fixed UPnP functions

1.44z Nov 22, 02 1. Fixed CGI script detecting ".xml" and would bypass authentication.

1.43.3z Nov 15,02 1. Fixed problem with slow email retrival. 2. Fixed Multicast rebooting router. 3. Fixed when UPnP still working when disabled. 4. Fixed traceroute not working on the LAN side.


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