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Re: Automount CD-ROM/DVD-ROM problems

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 21:22, Michael Wardle wrote:

> No, I did read your message, I just assumed they would use something 
> that worked everywhere (perhaps autofs or supermount) rather than 
> supporting at least three things that all perform a similar function.

the problem IS, is that autofs and supermount ONLY know about data
cds(and looking on mandrake help forums would suggest supermount doesn't
always do a good job with datacds) ...they dont know how to do
audio...they dont know how to deal with blank media in any sort of
intelligent way, nor how to auto run commands.   If redhat supports
autofs or supermount under a desktop environment then they probably lose
the ability to use the more advanced DE specifc hooks that really make
using a DE such an obnoxiously smooth thing for endusers...on that note
i really have to try that gnome cd burning nautilus view....

so sayings its boneheaded for redhat to support 3 ways to handle cdrom
drives is pretty much equivalent to saying its bad for redhat to support
a full commandline system, gnome and kde...and i think there are several
dozen threads on several redhat mailinglist that give this idea the full
dead horse treatment it deserves...no need to really get into this
argument here...

but really supporting both magicdev under gnome and autorun under
kde...isn't really all that much effort (well relative to supporting
both gnome and kde anyways)...since it really comes down to having kudzu
create the /etc/fstab files with the right options....the same correct
options creates fstab entries that work under both kde and gnome.  So
really all redhat is doing is supporting the desktop environments
instead of the commandline interface when it comes to automounting.  If
kudzu does its job, both KDE and gnome will automount the cdrom just
fine when needed (either to mount a data disk, audio, or blank
media)....And frankly, thats fine me, if yer working at the commandline,
you instantly cross the threshold to "advanced" users classification and
you should just be mounting the cdrom as needed because you clearly know
what yer doing.  Something that works everywhere to just mount a data
cd, might disrupt higher level functionality provided by the desktop
environment layer, that autofs and supermount can't provide.  For
example, under gnome desktop, with automount and autorun cd properties
checked...i place Disk 1 of the beta into the tray, and gnome will
automatically run the redhat-config-packages program for me to let me
add/remove packages...supermount can't provide that kind of sickenly
transparent functionality to endusers, that I will never ever really


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