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Re: Automount CD-ROM/DVD-ROM problems

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 23:27, Michael Wardle wrote:

> You have shown that to use only one method would not provide the desired 
> functionality, so I stand by the second clause, which is that I would 
> like Red Hat to have this all working out of the box, as I think they 
> have had in previous releases, and as I expect they will by the time 
> they release 8.1.  It's only been non-functional for me in Phoebe.

Errr..what...yer saying that outside the gnome and KDE environments,
previous redhat releases have automounted cdroms?  I don't think that is
correct...I've never seen autofs configured out of the box to actually
do any automounting of romdrives....And as for inside the gnome desktop
in phoebe...automounting is working perfectly for me from the moment i
installed the second beta (didnt check with the first beta), despite my
heartfelt desire to see this feature die a horrid death.  As far as I
know, redhat hasnt ever shipped a supermount capable distro, and their
autofs package has never been configured to do any automounting (not
since rh6.2 atleast)  So if there is a problem with yer system right
now, its a hiccup on yer system and not such a widespread bug that it
affects my system.  automounting should be working in gnome and kde for
you....it works for me....out of the box.  

You better track down whats going on yer system specifically, and send
in a bug report with some useful information on the problem...this
sounds like a pedantic little bug, that a lot of people aren't
seeing...and the developers might not have run across it their
systems...so just expecting to magically get fixed isn't the best way to
make sure it gets fixed.  Make sure yer /etc/fstab file entry for the
rom is sane...and it should be a kudzu entry....and make sure the
/dev/cdrom device is pointing to the correct hd or scd device.  Dollar
to doughnuts its either a problem with something you have configured by
hand...or kudzu isn't building the drive configuration stuff correctly
for yer hardware....but YOU need to track it down specifically whats
going wrong so the developers can fix it. If this is working for most
people, the developers might not be aware that there is a problem at


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