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Re: nautilus themes

I found that, but there used to be more to Nautilus themes than just the icons. And installing my old Nautilus themes from that Icons dialog doesn't do anything. Are you saying that I can't, for example, install the Ximian-North Nautilus theme from art.gnome.org any more? Can I no longer alter the color scheme of Nautilus?

Michael Knepher wrote:
On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 10:55, Justin Georgeson wrote:

In Phoebe 2 (8.0.93) the Nautilus pref. panel no longer has an option to change the Appearance. The Appearance dialog let you install new Nautilus themes. How do I do that now?

As of Gnome 2.2, Nautilus uses the system(Gnome)-wide icon theme, which is set in Preferences->Theme->Details...->Icons.

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