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RE: 20 minutes with Phoebe3 were enough to find a number of bugs

>Were you trying to install the theme from DeskMod?  Did you click the
>small (non-underlined) link under the screenshot called "Install"?
>Just clicking on the screenshot will attempt to download the .jar
>file.  Clicking on the Install link will install the theme.  The link is

Yes, I did, it is not the first time I install Pinball. ;-)
Absolutely nothing happens when  I click it.

And after I saved down that file with Konqueror and tried to open the file
with Mozilla via File/OpenFile option, the Open File dialog did not open AT

Ok, I just deleted my /root/.mozilla and I _still_ get all these problems.

However, I just created a "eugenia" account and logged in as eugenia and
Mozilla works as it supposed to. The bugs I mentioned that happened in the
UI (not the bugs on the installation) were all as root. (yeah, yeah, I know,
is bad to be in as root, but I *just* had finished (re)installing it, so I
was fooling around before I get serious with it and create accounts). Please
try to reproduce the bugs I mentioned as root.


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