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RE: 20 minutes with Phoebe3 were enough to find a number of bugs

Jef Spaleta, whatever you say captain.
You haven't even been reading my explanations. I am not a VIP, I am just

And there are no rules that say that I should be here since Beta1. I am a
reviewer, I can pop up any time I want, I am NOT your regular beta tester
(and no, that doesn't make me a VIP). In fact, reviewers don't even try
betas. But I explained VERY clearly why I  reported these bugs, which was
because I wanted to give an opportunity to Red Hat instead of only loading
the final version and find bugs and then give them a negative review. I
wanted to help damn it, and you come here and you spit on me?

>Showing up now, looks to me like you just care about being able to write a
review of the next official release, and aren't
really invested in the beta process at all

Of course! Reviewers don't have to be beta testers! But I decided to help
the situation based on what happened the previous time I wrote a review. I
wanted to help Red Hat and Red Hat help me, because at the end, Red Hat
would be the one who will gain of this.

I am truly offended by your email. I am here to help and get helped.


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