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Re: Phoebe 3 and RHN ?

Vidyut Luther wrote:

that image shows the error the up2date agent is giving me when I tried
to register with rhn..  I take it RHN is a bit behind right now ?. Just
want to confirm that.. and if so.. how are the people who were talking
about updating phoebe2 -> 3 via up2date.. how did you guys manage to do
that ?.

I haven't. I'm waiting for the phoebe3 channel

2. a little off topic for the list, but maybe not.. if I have a system
who's hostname I've changed.. and hence I want to to change the name
inside of RHN for it.. whats the best way to do it ?. I have about 4
machines who's hostnames have changed, and i would like the other admins
to be able to see the machines with the new names, rather than the old
names.. ..

I haven't dug very far in the past, but I just delete the system from rhn, then run

rhnreg_ks --username=<username> --email=<email> \
     --password=<password> --force

to re-register.

; Justin Georgeson
; http://www.lopht.net
; mailto:jgeorgeson lopht net
; "Free the mallocs, delete the news"

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