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Re: Phoebe 3 versus Phoebe 2 + Rawhide

On Thursday 20 February 2003 18:09, John Mellor wrote:
> If you want to test some [by definition] broken RawHide or third-party
> stuff, get off this mailing list and post to the correct one.

I agree, kinda, but that gate swings both ways. Testing betas with 3rd-party 
software (especially commonly used software) is fine. Sometimes the 3rd party 
app is at fault, sometimes something is unintentionally broken in the beta -- 
better to fix it in beta that after the release.

Asking the RH beta community to actually fix a 3rd-party app is probably not 
appropritae because that's really the responsibility of the 3rd party 
developer. Posting work-arounds here should be OK because Red Hat is not used 
in isolation in the real world.. There are packages used (like the multimedia 
apps) that Red Hat can not and will not include in their beta distro, but a 
lot of their customers are interested in. If Red Hat does something 
unintentionally that breaks everything else in the world, is that a product 
they want to ship? Probably not.

Fixing a beta with Rawhide packages allows you to move on to the next problem 
instead of waiting for the next beta release. If it introduces more problems 
of its own that you can't fix, then it's probably wise to stop there.


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