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Re: Disc install failed - up2date was close, except moz too new.

Elton Woo wrote:
On February 20, 2003 11:13 pm, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

I checked md5sum on the iso imaged. The stats came back normal. I burned
the phoebe3 disks and then ran a media test on all three discs. They all
came back "OK to use".
I then tried to use the disks to install phoebe. All I got was a
clicking CD reader and a blank screen. It only made it past the running

... just wondering: did you burn 'em under Phoebe3?
If so... with what *version* of cdrecord? ...I'm still having difficulties here burning CD's but seems the latest rawhide offerings may be my
salvation... AND / OR burning at the lowest speeds ...*and NOT*
running Limewire whilst doing so...

... a possiblity...??


Version 2.0.3 was cdrecord. I burned the CDs with gnometoaster (preferred over xcdroast).

I think the problem is more with my burner being an hdd instead of a "scuzzy" device driver. The kernel installation was successful, there were no errors reported. (hopefully no missed installation errors)


If you try to please everyone, somebody is not going to like it.

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