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phoebe 3 irritants

mutt has wonky colours; yellow seems to come out as bright white.
Haven't tested exhaustively yet.

spamassassin spawned a zombie process and generally wouldn't recover or
start; spamassassin-2.44-8.8.x from rawhide at least starts ok, haven't
had enough mail to form an opinion as to it working correctly.

Did a custom install, booting to console; didn't get asked to create a
user, nor for a host name, nor was the soundcard configured.  Is that
expected behaviour?  (It's not problematic, from my pov, just asking.)

When I partitioned with disk druid and told it to flatten / and /usr and
leave /home alone, it did that all right, but the initial fstab I had
only mounted / and /usr, leaving me with an incipient heart attack
because it looked like /home had been vaporized.  I'm not sure if that
was me not setting a mount point for /dev/hda7 or if it's an actual
installer foible.

<cntrl>-<alt>-<fn> won't switch me out of X to a console.  (I have it
booting in console mode.)  Argh value is high.

Building exim-4.12, I discovered that:

/usr/include/openssl/kssl.h (from openssl-devel) includes krb5.h

except that the system can't find it.

krb5.h is off in /usr/kerberos/include/; if I stick that as a full
absolute path name into kssl.h, I discover that the includes for
com_err.h and profile.h (including profile.h's include of com_err.h)
aren't being found either, despite being right there in
/usr/kerberos/include; putting full pathnames for them gets me a
successful compile.

Now, it's quite possible that this is a problem with the way exim's
tls.c makes the intial call; I'm not enough of a programmer to tell.
But if it's not that, something is broken somewhere.

Other than that, looks good.  This kernel definately runs FX21
motherboards with the VIA KM266 chipset.

oak uniserve com | Uton we hycgan    hwaer we ham agen,
                 | ond thonne gedhencan    he we thider cumen.
                 |   -- The Seafarer, ll. 117-118.

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