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Re: 8.0 to phoebe3 upgrade CD burning & listening woes

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 09:17, Tom Georgoulias wrote:

> 2. Unable to hear any sound when playing music CDs with gnome CD player. 
>   The CD appears to be playing and all of the song/artist info appears 
> in gnome cd viewer, but nothing comes out of the speakers.  I can play 
> and hear ogg files just fine with xmms and the soundcard config tool had 
> no problems re-setting up my on board sound chip.

i think gnome's cd player requires esd to be active...xmms on the other
hand can use oss drivers and doesn't need to use the esd layer. So check
to make sure esd is running and working.

> Has anyone had good success with nautilus-cd-burner?  How much time and 
> system resources should it take to burn a CD?  After I was unsuccessful 
> in getting xcdroast to work, I thought I might test my luck with 
> nautilus-cd-burner.  After about 15 mins of non-stop disk IO and having 
> all of my RAM sucked up (1GB), I killed the app.  At first I was 
> inclined to say it was related to my CD burning woes with xcdroast, but 
> I don't think it ever got past getting things set up enough to attempt 
> the burn.  Any ideas?

whatever frontend you want to use is still going to use cdrecord as a
backend, afaik. So what you want to do is work with cdrecord on the
commandline first...and make sure the cd burning problems arent
there...before you check the higher application layers.


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