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Phoebe3 install foibles

Has anybody else seen these things during install (so I can bugzilla
if not already done).

This is on a Dell Inspiron 8200 with 1600x1200 screen and nVidia
GeForce4 440 Go.

1) from start of boot from first disk up to appearance of the actual
   graphical install screen with "Welcome to Red Hat Linux" (i.e.
   during the 'install choice' screen and the 'blue' screens) I had
   a violently trembling screen.
2) the actual graphical install screen is only a small rectangle
   of about 1/4 size of the whole screen. The same happened with
   Phoebe2. (I have'nt tried starting the install with something
   like 'screen 1600x1200')

3) the i8200 has an Alps Touch Pad with GlidePoint/Stickpointer.
   this is recognized as a '3 button PS/2 mouse'.
   (This is probably not too important because the same driver:
    'genericps/2' is used in both cases).

4) when trying to make a boot disk the install 'hangs' after
   clicking on 'yes' (or 'create' or howevere the button is called).
   Only after trying 3 times (going back one step) did it succeed.
   (and indeed produced a working bootdisk, in contrast to phoebe2).

Item nr 1 did not occur on a i8100 with GeForce2 Go.


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