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Re: 8.0 to phoebe3 upgrade CD burning & listening woes

Jef Spaleta wrote:

i think gnome's cd player requires esd to be active...xmms on the other
hand can use oss drivers and doesn't need to use the esd layer. So check
to make sure esd is running and working.

That's a good suggestion. I'm going to look into it.

whatever frontend you want to use is still going to use cdrecord as a
backend, afaik.

Right. I found a bug report that indicated the kernel was causing the problems with CD burining (86140) and am inclined to believe that is the root cause.

So what you want to do is work with cdrecord on the
commandline first...and make sure the cd burning problems arent
there...before you check the higher application layers.

Which makes sense, but at that time I was just curious about cd burning overall.

I guess I really have two questions about nautilus-cd-burner:

1. When nautilus-cd-burner works as it is supposed to, what kind of load does it put on the system?

2. What happens before the actual data is burned onto CD? Is there a "staging" area?


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