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Phoebe3 no worky with Radeon9500Pro/SonyFlatPanel

Having a world of trouble installing Redhat Phoebe3 Linux 8.0.94 on my
machine.  I have a Athlon XP2000, but I suspect the relevant issues at hand
are the video card: ATI Radeon 9500 Pro, and display: Sony SDM-P232W 23"
flat panel.  I chose to use Phoebe specifically because it contains the
version of XFree86 which should have support for this configuration.

On to the installation:  First thing I notice is that right prior to
launching graphical, it successfully autoprobes my monitor and reports
"SDM-P232" but misidentifies the video card as a "RADEON 9700" (not 9500
Pro). Hmm.  When going to graphical installation (starting X, i imagine), my
monitor immediately blanks, and presents me with an error message (yes, my
monitor can superimpose error messages) "NOT SUPPORTED SIGNAL.

Okay, fine.  I'll do a text installation and fix the video problems later.
Text installation goes fine...when I get to the Xconfig part, I correct its
assumption of the 9700 card and manually select the 9500 Pro.  On the
monitor configuration screen, I lookup the hsync/vsync values from my
display's techspecs, and manually enter them (28-75,60 for digital
connection).  Everything else looks kosher.  Install is all finished, and I

Upon reboot... you guessed it, when it gets to loading the "firstboot"
module, monitor blanks out with "NOT SUPPORTED SIGNAL. 58.2kHz/48.0Hz".  Try
again with an interactive startup, skipping firstboot.. when it gets to
starting X, same thing happens.

This seems bizzare to me, I can't figure it out... hoping someone else knows
the solution to my woes!

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