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Re: Network configurations

Alan Bezanson wrote:
Hi, I’m a linux newbie, so forgive me in advance. I was playing around with the beta phoebe and noticed a nice little Systems (I forget the exact name) button on the menu bar. It allowed me to browse and attach to servers without any problems. I had difficulty with phoebe and the CrossOver Office plug in, so I switched back to standard RH 8.0. The menu bottom isn’t in 8.0 and my samba configuration is different from what I can tell. It is not allowing me to attach to shares, just browse servers. I don’t want the system to be part of a domain or workgroup. Anyone know what has changed from RH 8.0 to phoebe? Thanks!

The menu button is simply a short cut to use nautilus with the url "smb://"

Open nautilus in RH8.0, and try smb:// in the url bar.
There may have been additional enhancements, bug or
performance fixes in 8.1 beta, but it still should
work in 8.0.



-- Neal Pollack, Sun Linux Kernel Engineering Mgr. Los Angeles, CA. Registered Linux user #288025: http://counter.li.org/

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