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bad disc 2, NVidia drivers "fix", XAWTV artifacts

Hello all.

First, I have to say I love the mouse pointer in Phoebe 3! It's just...right.

I just installed Phoebe 2 on the 19th, and the first thing I did was test the browser. I hopped over to Distrowatch.com where I found that Red Hat just released Phoebe 3...doh!

I downloaded from the anl.gov server and burned all 6 discs. I rebooted and booted off of disc 1. I tested the CDs and disc 2 came out bad. I chucked the CD, re-downloaded the file and re-burned the CD from Windows. Again, bad! I downloaded again and burned again, at 1x just to be safe...again, bad! I then downloaded from the bnl.gov server, burned the disc, and it worked fine. (I have so much faith in Red Hat that I simply assumed it impossible that the CD testing tool might be mistaken. ^_^ My faith is not misplaced.) Just a warning, the anl.gov server likely has a bad disc 2. I already emailed them about it.

Ever since the first Phoebe, I've been searching and searching for good instructions on how to build nVidia drivers. I myself use an ATI card, but my brother and sister each have nVidia's and Red Hat 8.0. The best instructions I've found were posted by Knut J Bjuland, and although they are very informative and almost work, I still can't get it building. It gets part way through the patch and complains about some sound object not existing. (Sorry, I can't remember exactly what it was, and I have moved that system back to Psycho.)

I have two other "solutions" that seem to work okay.

1)Install Phoebe and then run the appropriate RPMs from Psyche. This never works as easily as it sounds, as it might not put a few files in the right place. Not that they're in the wrong place, they're just not in the best place for RPMBUILD. Theoretically, though, you should be able to install a pre-compiled driver.

2)Install Psyche and manually put Phoebe together on top of it. This turns out to be the path I'm taking, since I'm going to rebuild all the SRPMS for different processors.

Finally, XawTV shows artifacts. It did this in Phoebe2, too, but it never did it in Psyche. I'm using GATOS. (I'm so glad to have finally figured out that all I have to do is decompress the friggin tarball into the USR directory...duh! Is there any chance that RH can add GATOS to distribution? I've only done the AV part, and I'd like to install all the updates, but the instructions are so confusing to me.

Other than that, I can't say that I've experienced *any* bugs. Pretty cool!

Well, I take that back. I made a user named "user" and while logged in as user, I substituted to root and started Nautilus. While in Nautilus, I dumped a backup "userbak" folder directly into "user", which I'd done a few times before without any trouble. This time, the desktop temporarily became the root desktop! About a minute later, Nautilus stopped handling the desktop altogether. A couple programs refused to start altogether. I was in the middle of playing music in XMMS and rebuilding the sources, and those kept going just fine. I just logged out and back in and everything worked perfectly. I really don't think it was a bug per se, since I was tampering with open files while SUing as root, but I'm slightly concerned about the root desktop showing up.

Is it my imagination, or is Phoebe 3 installation much much faster? My brother's system usually takes 3 hours, and it took 1 hour this time. My system usually takes 40 minutes, but this time it took around 30 minutes, and it would have taken under 20 minutes if I didn't leave a bunch of stuff on my hard drive for the installer to deal with.

I like Phoebe 3!

-Benjamin Vander Jagt

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