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Re: Gnome Terminal Locking up

Mark C wrote:

Before I go rummaging through Bugzilla, I'm just wondering if anyone
else has had problems with the Gnome Terminal locking up intermittently?

I did enter a bug report against this on Psyche (crashing on full
screen) and it was fixed, but now it seems to lock up randomly,
regardless of the size.

I do have around 500 fonts installed into $HOME/.fonts, but I thought
this was fixed in vte.

Has anyone else been having these problems, before I enter a bugzilla?

Does the solid black cursor turn into a black outline around white? If so it really isn't locked up, just lost keyboard focus. Read here for workaround.

Also it seems that Copy/Paste is a bit knackered between mozilla or gedit and gnome terminal as well.

Known bug, appears to be specific to gtk apps. This one is intermittent, it works for me sometimes and not other times on several systems.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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