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Re: Soundcard detection [an aside]

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 20:56, Luc Glandvador wrote:
> But I think that in a GUI world (where people want to
> click and configure) linux community should found a
> way to centralize the configuration data/schemas. 

There are several attempts at this kind of centralization...Redhat use
to support the linuxconf program, which attempted to centralize a lot of
system configuration. It would be interesting to hear an informed
opinion contrasting using something as centralized as linuxconf and
something as decentralized as the set of redhat-config-packages.

> And the advises to take the K... in place of G...
> because one is doing better than the other should
> disappear.

I'm not sure what your trying to say here...but if yer trying to say I
shouldn't use "gnome" in my sentences...I'm just trying to see if I can
make a comparison on any of my systems. It would be kinda of pointless
to ask you if you were running kde, since I don't use the kde
desktop..I'd provide even less help than I do with issues involving the
gnome desktop I do use (which i guess amounts to a negative amount of
help).  I'm trying to be as specific as I can, so I can check specific
things. You didn't specify which desktop environment you were in.  

> However, while my emacs works I'm happy :)

Now if we could just convince all the Gui desktop users..and the truely
despicable vi users to see the light and learn to be happy with just
having emacs...things would be easy...well as easy as using anything
written in lisp can be.


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