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still HUMONGOUS problems burning CD's in Phoebe2 (RH

After a lot of hair-pulling, I've finally managed to burn the Phoebe 3
(RH CD's... by switching back and forth between Xcdroasd,
Gtoaster, and the command line...

Strange: I can't do a force blanking of a CDRW from the command line, 
but I _can_ do so with Xcdroast. After having burned the 3 CD's (Phoebe 3),

.... I've *never* had so much trouble burning CD's until now... |-(
Should I DARE install Phoebe3 as an upgrade over Phoebe2?  ... without
having been able to back up my tons of data to a CD?

FWIW cdrecord-2.0-4 is what I have on my system. I haven't seen any updates
on rawhide for the past few days... In the case of the "successfully" burnt 
Phoebe 3 ISO's cdrecord (run from the console) told me that it had written the
same amount of data (i.e. "n" gets = "n" writes) ... yet it complained of 
errors. However, when the CD's were re-inserted, they were automounted in

.... not a very happy camper here ... and a rather *scared* one at that!!
(Unless I can convince cdrecord to write my personal data to some CDRW
disks that _have worked before_).   <*SIGH*>


  "You only live once, so let's make life EASIER for each other."
  LINUX Registered User #193975. AMD-K7 ATHLON CPU power on board.


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