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Re: Soundcard detection [an aside]

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On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 19:32:40 -0800, jdow wrote:

> > There are several attempts at this kind of centralization...Redhat use
> > to support the linuxconf program, which attempted to centralize a lot of
> > system configuration. It would be interesting to hear an informed
> > opinion contrasting using something as centralized as linuxconf and
> > something as decentralized as the set of redhat-config-packages.
> I may not be as informed as you would wish. However, I do make the general
> observation that one program which performs a multitude of diverse tasks
> generally performs each of them barely adequately. A multitude of diverse
> programs for a multitude of matching diverse tasks generally work well for
> their individual functions. They are, however, a pain in the situpon part
> of the human anatomy to use because you must remember all their names.

Remembering the names shouldn't be a problem, because from the
console you can list all of them with redhat<TAB><TAB>, and using a
graphical desktop, they should all be easily findable in one menu.

It becomes confusion though, when the desktop adds its own config
tools. But that's one of the things the Red Hat Linux Desktop tries
to avoid.

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