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static Loki game segfaults under phoebe?


Not got far enough debugging this yet but interested to know what others
are seeing.

At least kohan segfaults for me during startup on phoebe 3 where it
works fine under 8.0 on the same machine. The kohan binary is static
(standard commercial game scenario) so this may be serious if phoebe is
static binary incompatible with Red Hat 8.0.

The segfault appears to occur after initial game loading when the intro
mpeg movies would play. Hence it could be in the Loki smpeg player or in
SDL video / audio set-up. Unfortunately I don't have a good regression
case yet as I run different video drivers under 8.0, I don't remember
testing kohan under phoebe betas prior to 3 and I don't have other Loki
games or smpeg etc. under my phoebe 3 install.

Can anyone confirm / deny similar before I get too far?



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