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Re: Redhat's intentions for streaming media support in Mozilla

On Sun, 2003-02-23 at 12:34, Keith Adamson wrote:
> Many sites offer a choice of Real Networks, MS Media or QuickTime for
> streaming video.  I have been using RealPlayer as a Mozilla plug-in to
> provide streaming functionality, but this no longer works for Phoebe. 
> What's Redhat's preferred way to handle this issue in the upcoming
> release?

I think yer going to have to talk to Real about that plugin
incompatibility.  But if you look back through the archive I think
you'll see some talk about the RealONE (RealPlayer 9) beta for linux
that some people have gotten to work with this redhat beta release. 
Redhat CANNOT directly support 3rd party proprietary plugins and
products.  That's not to say that redhat bug reports about them aren't
completely useless..it might be a problem in redhat's package of
mozilla...(or say the glibc threading issue) but it might be really be a
problem with the realplayer's plugin.  I don't know what the problem
is...but the Real developers are in a MUCH better position to diagnose
the problem..becuase they have the codebase for that plugin. Redhat
doesn't.  Feel free to look back into the phoebe list archives...there
has been some discussion already about realplayer. What can Redhat
really do about it? Not much I don't think...unless someone can trace
back the "problem" with source code Redhat is shipping...and not some
problem with the binary plugin real provides. It might even be something
a simple as Real needing to recompile their plugin with a gcc3.x
compiler...lets hope its something that simple.

-jef"hoping the Heliz DNA Open Source approved licenses produce some
quality projects Redhat can ship and support without legal

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