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Re: Redhat's intentions for streaming media support in Mozilla

On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 11:53:43AM -0800, J Sloan scripsit:
> Also, I don't think linux users in general are
> nearly as poor or as stingy as you assume -

Nothing to do with either poverty or stinginess; it has to do with
principled opposition to proprietary formats.

I would switch distros before I accepted being required to pay for a
proprietary format; this is not anything like an unsual response.

> I think I speak for the silent majority when
> I say that I would jump at the chance to pay
> for quality linux apps, or preferably, distros
> that ship with these apps - assuming price to
> be reasonable.

No one has ever managed to sell linux apps, even when they're very good.
That may be changing, but Redhat is being sensible in not wanting to get
burned again, I think.

Redhat probably loses money on the desktop distro *now*, and you want
them to pay licensing fees?  And deal with the degree of infuriation
that would cause in the developer community?

This is not something a distro can readily get away with; a third party
media app packager, yes, there's probably a market for that, but not a
distro; they're too dependent on community good will.

oak uniserve com | Uton we hycgan    hwaer we ham agen,
                 | ond thonne gedhencan    he we thider cumen.
                 |   -- The Seafarer, ll. 117-118.

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