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Re: List of possible Bugs I found in Beta 3

Michael Burns wrote:

1) View as audio doesn't work. When I try to play a
file it just says ERROR: no information yet.

Doesn't work with MP3's. Won't work with MP3's until (if) unlimited, transferable licenses to MP3 technology are granted to the authors of madlib and mpg123.

The GPL does not allow redistribution of software where the rights of the recipients are impeded by patents. Thus, Red Hat has no valid license to distribute that software.

3) RealPlay 8 not working. Cashes on startup/hangs. It
does the first launch thing if you type "realplay"
where your prompted for your email and connection
speed and then segfaults. Relaunches also hang.

Try: LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 realplay

This NPTL stuff is breaking a lot of old apps... ;)

5) smb:/// ie, "Network Servers" shortcut in menu not
working, gives error about smb:/// not having
permission. I have a Windows 2000 server running in
workgroup mode that is available. Mappying an smb
drive from the command line works fine. I'm not sure
if there is a way to configure this or if its just
supposed to be automatic. The windows 2000 server logs
just show authentication failures.

It should "just work". I don't get the same error you do, but I can make nautilus crash in several different ways trying to use the smb:// VFS module.

6) Terminal service client applet doesn't launch when
clicked, you have to right click it and then click
"run terminal services client". I'm not sure if this
is a feature or a bug.

It's a bug. Clicking on the applet is (I believe) supposed to pop up a list of saved sessions. Instead, it pops up an empty menu (very small and hard to see).

8) rar and unrar are not included by default so File
Roller doesn't work on rar files.

Never have been... maybe file an RFE?

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