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Re: X will not start!

Godres wrote:

I have just run apt-get upgrade and now X will not start.
After I type startx the screen blanks then everything seems to just stop. The monitor signals that it is not receiving a signal. There are no error messages.
I can only guess that there is a dependency problem that has messed up my X.
I am thinking the most expedient way to fix my problem would be to re-install phoebe-3. Is there a command line option I can enter to force install to do an upgrade and replace files even if they are newer? I did try a normal upgrade and predictably nothing was installed.

apt probably removed some key packages due to dependency problems. The only way to recover from this is to install those packages manually.

On my system apt-get wants to remove these packages:
XFree86 file gnome-session redhat-artwork redhat-logos redhat-lsb redhat-menus

Download those packages from Rawhide and install them manually. You may need to grab dependencies for them too.


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