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Re: Redhat's intentions for streaming media support in Mozilla

Why do some in the Linux world insist everything must come with the
distribution?  Certainly despite the marketing Windows and Mac users
seem to be quite capable of going out and downloading/installing
additional software so why can't Linux desktop users do the same

Because Red Hat is so rich of a distribution. It has most programs that you need on the distributions already. Also, the hunt is a little bit more involved. Being the 1 pecent of users operating system doesn't catch a lot of vendor support.

Also, Red Hat does a heck of a job with these distributions. The better you do, the more that is expected. Also, the "they did it back then, why not now?" factor takes over a bit.

I realize now that sources need to be found for items like mp3, realplayer and other audio/video formats. But as stated earlier, I was hooked by the availability of multimedia, browser and office related applications.

As things start to disappear from the distribution. So does attraction for potential new users. New users need to be informed of efforts by programs like apt-get for rpm to be able to retrieve applicable versions of programs for filling in the gaps, left by proprietary vendors. Maybe an additional "dumber" feature can be added to work with google searches. When you type "wma for linux", it leads you to suitable applications. Though I avoid wma because of it's proprietary nature.


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