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Re: List of possible Bugs I found in Beta 3

In reply to  Gordon Messmer

>1) View as audio doesn't work. When I try to play a
>file it just says ERROR: no information yet. 
>Doesn't work with MP3's.  Won't work with MP3's until
(if) >unlimited, 
>transferable licenses to MP3 technology are granted
to the >authors 

I figured that out about 5 minutes after I hit send.
;) That's gonna annoy users more than the xmms mp3
thing though which at least is easy to fix. Hopefully
fixed rpms will be out once 8.1 final is shipped so
that view as audio will work properly for mp3 files.

>3) RealPlay 8 not working.
>LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 realplay

Thanks for the tip. I installed the buggy incomplete
realone alpha for now. Its works but is very alpha and
obviously abandoned.

>8) rar and unrar are not included by default so File
>Roller doesn't work on rar files.
>Never have been... maybe file an RFE?

I had pulled it from a Debian package sourc last time,
but didn't see it was in non-free. After looking into
it there are no gpl rar programs out there so I doubt
Redhat would ever include one.



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