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Character set probs with OpenOffice / StarOffice

I just installed phoebe 3 (as an update from an installed 8.0). If I use
OpenOffice to open a longer Text (German, with German Umlaute), the
program freezes after loading the file and I have to use xkill to shut
it down. 

Installing StarOffice 6.0 it complains:
  GnomeVFS-Warning: Invalid byte sequence in conversion input

  Unable to convert  from UTF-8 to Ansi_X3.4-1968

Loading that file same probs as OpenOffice.

Installation of StarOffice 5.2 without error messages. I can open the
file, but all German Umlaute are displayed in a wrong character set.

May be it's the same problem as with acrobat in psyche. Did anyone found
the same problem or does someone remember the solution for acrobat
(Sorry, I can't find it in the archives).


Peter Boy <pboy barkhof uni-bremen de>
Univiversity of Bremen

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