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Re: How can I mount my smart media/compact flash reader?

Jef Spaleta wrote:
On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 11:50, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

I waas investigating my problem for my CD writer. Your mention of the flash reader made me curious about what scsi device my CD-writer is supposed to be symlinked to.

well looking at my systems.../dev/scd0 should be yer scsi drive AFAIK.
and yer SanDisk should be sda...but thats a 6 in 1 model. I'm not
familiar with how those work...does the 6 in 1 media reader create 6
different devices? I'd like to know how well that 6 in 1 works. Can you
use ALL 6 different media types in linux with that reader?

But like I said, i don't know of a way to figure out from the /proc/
information exactly which /dev listing gets used. What I'm saying is
what I expect to see...but I don't know of a way to actually figure out
which device it is by just looking at /proc. I'm just assuming that the
first scsi cd..becomes scd0..the first usb-storage device becomes
sda...I don't know how to confirm this. And I have no intuition on how
to figure out which device is which on boot up when you have 2
usb-storage devices installed...or 2 scsi cdroms.

If kudzu is messing up and is seeing yer cdrom as hdd instead of scd0,
yer going to have to manual edit the stab entry for the device and
remove the kudzu option...or kudzu will continue to overwrite the fstab
line on boot and remove any changes you make.


I took kudzu out for my burner. Then added /dev/scd0 to my device listing for the device.

When I reboot the system, after changing the parameter. There was an entry for three cdrom devices. Kudzu made a /dev/cdrom2 symlink to /dev/hdd again.

Also, I got the wrong filesystem prompt for both the /dev/cdrom2 (aka /dev/hdd) and the device for /dev/scd0 showed up through mount, but it couldn't be mounted either.


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