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Strange problem while building RPMs


I tried building the librpm404 SRPM from Psyche on the current phoebe beta
as I need the rpm for some software which uses the old API.

rpmbuild --rebuild librpm404-4.0.4-8x.27.src.rpm fails however.
The complete buildlog is at http://filepile.dicp.de/rpmbuild.log and
shows that everything runs fine until the end of the %install stage.

The %install stage executes and finished successfully but after checking
for installed but not packaged files the build stops.
It seems that the not-packaged files are being recognized as errors and
not as warnings, something which is not the case with the 8.0

Can someone verify this? Or is it just my setup?

A small Testcase which should compile quickly is one special pident
package at http://filepile.dicp.de/pidentd-3.0.16-1nousername.src.rpm

Compilation should fail with:

RPM build errors:
    Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:


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