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Re: Strange problem while building RPMs

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On Tuesday 25 February 2003 06:47 am, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> First off, let me say that I've read the whole thread before
> responding, so I'll try to avoid repeating what has already been
> said.  I will however explain this new feature, what is good
> about it, why it was added to rpm, and how to disable it if you
> do not want it.

Thanks for the clarification, Mike. Just a quick question and a comment.

> 3) Some users may not like it.  A pity because it is a godsend.
> If someone does not like it at all, they can disable the feature
> globally by putting the following in ~/.rpmmacros:
> _unpackaged_files_terminate_build       0
> _missing_doc_files_terminate_build      0

Is this correct? I ask because installing the redhat-rpm-config package, 
you get:
$ grep terminate /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/macros
%_missing_doc_files_terminate_build    0
%_unpackaged_files_terminate_build    0

Is the leading % not required?

> In general, developers will really start to appreciate this
> feature the more they use it as it helps to stop you from
> forgetting to package up important or useful files in your RPM
> packages, or to explicitly remove them if you really do not want
> them.

I disabled it initially because, as I pointed out, I had several Red Hat 
source packages that failed to build. I was surprised by this, as the 
packages used to build the distro should build without requiring the user 
to jump through hoops. (As in "What the hell am I doing wrong? Obviously 
Red Hat is able to build this.")

I've left it disabled because you still get a list of unpackaged files at 
the end of the build process, allowing you to fix the specfile, without 
terminating the build. In the case of a package that might take an hour 
or more to build, this can be quite useful. At least I have to option of 
fixing the package and rebuilding, or determining that the file isn't 
required. I can use the current build, and fix the specfile for the next 

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