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Re: Evolution and SSL with self-generated certificate

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 15:06, Rick Johnson wrote:
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> I used to be able to do this in RH 8.0, however it appears that I cannot
> "accept" a self-signed SSL certificate within Evolution 1.2 in Phoebe 3
> (specifically when connecting to an imaps server). Is this a feature of
> Evolution, a hidden config I'm missing, or something that should be Bugzilla'd?

I'm not having a problem. I have 2 phoebe boxen up and running...and on
one of them I have enabled the imaps service on phoebe box A. I can
connect the that imaps service from both beta box A and beta box B.
The first time I made the connection,evo warned me the cert was
selfsigned...but let me continue...and it hasn't warned me again.


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