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Re: scsi device symlinks

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Jef Spaleta (jspaleta princeton edu) said:

My limited...very limited understand of how this is suppose to work is
that once an ide cdrom drive is emulated as scsi..you should not access
the ide /dev/hdX listing...and the /dev/sg listing isnt the correct one
once it is emulated. AFAIK kudzu is doing it all wrong for the cdwriters
It should be making one symlink to /dev/scd#.

Nope, sorry. Youy access the *CD* as /dev/scdXXX, you access the
burner to write as /dev/sgXXX.


I'm glad that I saved the symlink to /dev/cdwriter then. It was linked to /dev/sd0 - I guessed that it was made by some program for writing. I left it alone.

I can't understand how my cdrw gets identified by /dev/hdd, through kudzu though. The output to kdzu claims my device as the below device. If I remove kudzu from my /etc/fstab file, a new entry will appear with a new symlink when the computer is rebooted.

Anyway, I added /dev/cdrom1 (symlinked to /dev/scd0) and left the other entry /dev/cdrom2 (symlinked to /dev/hdd) alone.

Whenever I insert a disc into the drive, it is opened as /dev/cdrom1. I plan on inserting a blank CDR into the drive and see what happens later.

confused, but happy it works now.


class: CDROM
bus: SCSI
detached: 0
device: scd0
driver: ignore
desc: "Atapi CD-R/RW 12X8X32"
host: 1
id: 0
channel: 0
lun: 0
generic: sg1

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