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Re: please bring back program suffix for autoconf bin files


Doh, followed up and said the same thing you did. ;-)

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 10:48:25AM +0900, Jens Petersen wrote: 
> The main reason for doing this was that autoconf-2.53 was
> appearing in spec files and this breaks of course everytime
> the Autoconf version is up'ed. 

If autoconf-2.57 was really incompatible with 2.53 then it *should*
break, though (better to do so in an obvious way than with a cryptic
m4/shell error message). If it wasn't incompatible, then the binary
shouldn't have been renamed.

http://ometer.com/parallel.html explains when to rename, only when
API/ABI changes, not on every new release.

If API/ABI changes every new release, then that's a problem, whether
you're versioning the binary or not...

Anyhow, for sure this is something upstream should take responsibility
for, we're kind of doomed trying to do it in our packages.


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