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Re: Evolution and IMAPS (solved)

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 13:49, Rick Johnson wrote:
> Jef Spaleta wrote:
> | Why would anyone put imaps on port 143..that has to break some things.
> That's the same question I was asking when I saw that Evolution 1.2 was
> indeed using port 143.

It is possible to -initiate- IMAPs connections on port 143.  encrypted
data isn't passed over that port, though

> Further investigation showed that this appears to happen only if you've got
> the client's security settings set to "Whenever Possible".
> Default behavior seems to be:
> Never = Port 143 no SSL
> Whenever Possible = Port 143 Try SSL
> Always = Port 993 use SSL.
> One would thing that it would try Port 993 w/ SSL first, then fall back to
> 143 w/o SSL if set to "Whenever Possible".

Err, almost, except that this isn't how it behaves.  When set to
'never', Evolution connects on port 143, and doesn't attempt to do
anything encrypted.  
When set to 'always', Evolution connects on port 143 first, and attempts
a 'STARTTLS'.  If that fails, it attempts to connect on 993.
When set to "Whenever Possible", I it connects on 143 and tries to
STARTTLS.  If that fails, it just gives up.  

(Mind you, all of the above should be taken with a grain of salt, I may
have forgotten some details, since I can't find my notes on this). 

> Is this something to bring up with Red Hat or Ximian?

Well, it's already been discussed or filed a number of times, I'm not
sure where, exactly.  Ximians archives are mostly AWOL, and I couldn't
find it in bugzilla.

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