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Is there a way to test my CDRW for failure?

In view of my ongoing struggle in burning CD's with various kernels,
I'm beginning to wonder if it might mean that my CDRW drive is starting
to fail...

I now have the option to boot using the following kernels:
kernel-2.4.20-2.48 (the stock kernel with Phoebe3)
kernel-2.4.20-2.5 (obtained from rawhide)
and kernel-2.4.18-14 from RH 8.0.

My success failure /rate is about 1:8, even using the slowest speeds:
2 x with 4x CDR's; and 6 x or 8x when burning 8x - 10x CDRW disks.

I've also checked my cable contacts to assure myself that it's not due
to loose hardware connections, and my devices remain connected as
in their "pristine" configuration when using RH 8.0 (AND successfully
burning CD's: /dev/hdc(cdrom1) is my CDRW, and /dev/hdd (cdrom)
is my DVD drive.

It's been over a week now that I've been struggling to burn just 5
ISO's to disk. A most *unusual* situation, since I rarely get coasters
... at least I haven't done so for a couple of years, until my recent
problems (apparently since Phoebe2 / RH 8.0.93).

I *am* now using Phoebe3 /RH 8.0.94. Anyone care to give some 
insight on what might be the problem? The failures are consistent
wether I use X-CD-Roast, Gnome Toaster, or the console command.


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