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before the next beta comes out ..

  i'm assuming that, given recent history and the number of
phoebe-related bugs reported, there's almost certainly  going
to be another beta release.

  to avoid the confusion of the previous string of betas, 
i'd like to know what is red hat's policy as to whether
a new beta represents a new "release" (for lack of a better

  in short, it would be nice if a new beta was treated
as a completely new release/product, with its own code name,
its own mailing list and, of course, its own bugzilla

  without this, it's not clear whether bugs in a newer
beta should be reported.  was this bug reported before?
was it fixed?  if it's still there, does that mean it wasn't
addressed, or that the fix didn't solve the problem?

  anyway, you get the idea.  in my perfect world, if there's
a newer beta one of these days, the fact that there *was*
an earlier beta should not even be an issue.  otherwise,
there's just too much potential for cross-contamination
of testing and bug reports.



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