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Re: before the next beta comes out ..

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> ...
> i *know* how to figure out what exact release i'm running,
> thanks very much.  my point (and, yes, i really have a point here),
> is that that release number is not used *anywhere* in the official
> red hat bugzilla bug submission form, unless you want to manually
> type it into your comment.  thus, there is no way (repeat, *no*
> *way*) for someone who is submitting a bug against phoebe to 
> specify whether this is against the *first* phoebe, the *second* phoebe,
> the *third* phoebe, etc.  do you see my point?

Actually, I suspect the particular version of phoebe is much less
important than the package version (except possibly for the install
process), particularly once updates start appearing. Bear in mind that the
Red Hat people work with more betas than are made public, so they will
probably have much less idea than the non-redhatters which particular
package version made it into which public beta.

	Michael Young

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