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Re: kernel 2.5 (2.6) support?

--- Matt Bernstein <mb/redhat dcs qmul ac uk> wrote:
> So.. my question is: at what point is Red Hat Linux
> intending provide 
> application support for the 2.5.x kernels?

I doubt they will ever provide application support for
2.5 since it's a development kernel. Features from
2.5.XX will continue to trickle into the 2.4 via
backporting, but they will never actually support 2.5.

> 2.5 is
> now in feature freeze, 
> it has many of the patches RH apply to 2.4 (eg rmap,
> ext3 htree indexing) 
> and 2.6.0 is likely to be with us when the next RH
> release is current.

That is most likely when you will see any if not all
of the 2.5 features supported, since they should be
included in 2.6.

Kevin C. McConnell --RHCE-- <Red Hat Certified Engineer>

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