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RE: strange mouse issues on vmware-phoebe

FWIW, I'm running phoebe in vmware (as a guest) with an W2K host.
Don't have
any issues with the mouse (using an MS intellimouse PS2) selecting the
during setup.


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Subject: strange mouse issues on vmware-phoebe

I know I know.. probably not supported, but I really cant afford to
my primary desktop right now, so I like to try stuff on VMWARE ...

I have RH8 as my "host" OS using a MS IntelliMouse USB (I like the
red light and the little scrolly button) and  Sun USB Keyboard
layouts from work to home drives me insane). This combo works fine for
HOST OS, and for XP on VMWARE (As a Microsoft PS/2 mouse) .. however,
cant seem to get phoebe to work with it... after a fresh reboot, the
will work in the console (btw where's gpm.conf?) ... but if I try to
redhat-config-xfree86 or startx, I can't move the mouse in X .. and
its all F'ed up in the console after forcibly killing X.. just moving
causes stuff to get selected and pasted causing lots of vicious
commands to 
be entered :) ...

SO...... is anyone running phoebe inside vmware and successfully using
.. if so, can you tell me what you did or send me your XFree86 config
wherever the heck the gpm.conf went.. that config too I think?? I did
configure X through the installer, so I only have console mode...

Thanks in advance

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