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Re: Mozilla memory leak

Warren Togami wrote:

Has anyone noticed a memory leak in Mozilla? Several times after I've used Mozilla

Mozilla has been 100% stable with zero crashes this entire week, this memory leak seems to be the only problem. Currently I'm posting this from Mozilla and it is using 270MB of memory, beginning to feel sluggish. Only 3 windows are currently open,

I find the opposite here. Opening the first Mozilla browser window, it uses 70 Mb,
but now that I've opened up four separate windows (and separate sites in each),
the memory usage has actually *dropped* to 13.9 Mb.

However I do *consistently* get Mozilla to crash and burn if I go to
and click on *any* of the link therein.

I have Sun's JRE (build 1.4.1-b21) installed, with the plugin from
/usr/java/j2re1.4.1/plugin/i386/ns610 copied to

Elton ;-)

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