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Re: redhat-config-printer

--- Tom Coady <aovt15 dsl pipex com> wrote:
> Yes I am but I fail to see how cups is involved with
> my problem!

Chances are it may not be related to the problem since
it's some type of authentication issue. BUT, it won't
work when you do resolve the authentication issue.

> When I run
> cupsdconf I get an error message saying it can't
> retrieve configuration
> information from the cups server.

Are you running it as root?

> Oh OK now I see I may need to add some lines to
> smb.conf, but I still can't
> see why or why cupsaddsmb is missing.

This may be a known issue (the cupsaddsmb missing)
IIRC. As for adding stuff to your smb.conf file, I am
no samba guru, and I am also fairly new to CUPS
myself, but here are some things to check. Are you
sure that your user password is the same on both ends?
 CUPS may be the root of the problem here. Can you
enable debugging on samba and cups and cut and paste
some logs? Also, have you opened a bugzilla report on
this? I would try to verify this for you, but I don't
have XP installed, nor do I own a copy.

Kevin C. McConnell --RHCE-- <Red Hat Certified Engineer>

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