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Re: redhat-config-printer

Kevin McConnell wrote:
>> cupsdconf I get an error message saying it can't
> Are you running it as root?

Yes, but the same message is given to lusers

> This may be a known issue (the cupsaddsmb missing)
> IIRC. As for adding stuff to your smb.conf file, I am
> no samba guru, and I am also fairly new to CUPS
> myself, but here are some things to check. Are you
> sure that your user password is the same on both ends?

No its not but I have tried both

>  CUPS may be the root of the problem here. Can you
> enable debugging on samba and cups and cut and paste
> some logs? Also, have you opened a bugzilla report on
> this? I would try to verify this for you, but I don't
> have XP installed, nor do I own a copy.

How do I enable debugging?
I have not opened a bug report yet as I would like to figure out what is
going wrong first. Perhaps I am doing this the wrong way round?

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